The task of renaming product dimensions is a relatively common one in nearly every project.
When it comes to Ax 2012 there was an easy way of doing this. You just had to use the default logic which was bound to the rename button.


However this approach is not viable anymore because of the technical limitations of Dynamics 365. Since it’s not possible to change labels at runtime for the new system, there is no way of altering the dimensions on the user interface.

But there is a way around it. Almost all of the controls are using the following edts:

Unbenanntes Bild

As shown above you can create extensions of this edts and change their labels to your needs. This will cover most of the controls. For example i altered the labels of the product dimensions to „Dim1, Dim2, Dim3, Dim4“.

Unbenanntes Bild


While this is good workaround and doesn’t take a lot of effort, keep in mind that you also have to change the form captions of the four dimensions since they will not automatically be changed. You also have to look at several reports and alter the dimension string (InventDimStr).

If someone knows a way of dynamically reanming the product dimensions without lots of changes to the default system, please let me know in the comments.